Medellín salsa classes

Dance clasess in Medellín

Medellin is one of the cities where salsa is best danced in Colombia.

If you are visiting this city and you want to learn how to dance salsa, we will give you some advices.

Clases de salsa en Línea Medellin

Poblado Salsa Classes

The first thing is the location of the academy. When most foreigners arrive in Medellin, they stay in Poblado and look for dance schools in that sector.

In the town you can find some dance schools, but just 15 minutes from Poblado, in sectors such as Belén or Laurels, you can find excellent classes for perhaps a cheaper price.

Clases de porro Medellin

The second thing you should know is that salsa is danced in three different ways. Yes, despite being a single rhythm, the ways of dancing change a bit.

The three salsa dance styles are: Salsa Caleña, Salsa On line and Salsa Casino or Rueda.

The Salsa Caleña gets its name because its style was originated in the city of Cali in Colombia, more exactly in a sector of the city known as Juanchito.

This style of salsa stands out for the skillful movement of the knees, acrobatics and partner management.

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Salsa On Line: It receives this name because, during the dance, the couple dances respecting an imaginary line on the floor.

This means that, all the steps or turns that are made, the couple stays in the same place where the step started or on the opposite side.

The Casino Salsa: It receives this name because its origin was in The Cuba Club Casino.

This style of dance is characterized by the fact that it is danced in a group and in circular way. Its members change partners at the voice of a leader or teacher.

clases de Baile Medellín

The third thing in level of importance is to define if you want private dance classes or group classes.

Private classes have a higher cost than group classes, but at the same time you have the advantage of having only the teacher for you.

The teacher evaluates your rhythm and coordination skills and, according to your level, he will create a personalized plan for you.

Group salsa classes are cheaper and on the other hand you can socialize and meet people.

Some dance academies manage socials in their programming. They are meetings where the students of the academy get together to practice while dancing.

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